Review of the Lux TX9100E 7-day Programmable Thermostat

I have written many words comparing different programmable thermostats. Usually a thermostat excels in one area but falls short in another. In the case of the Lux TX9100E there is very little to find fault with this programmable thermostat and at under $60 the price is right too.

The Lux TX9100E 7-Day Programmable Thermostat comes with an Energy Star rating and a warranty. It has a whole host of useful functions (more of which later) and it has near universal compatibility with heating and cooling systems. And what is more it has many favorable reviews on Amazon and other online retail sites.



The Lux TX9100E is compatible with nearly every home heating and cooling system including heat pumps. It can be installed to run most 24 Volt heating and A/C systems. It can regulate single stage and multistage heat pumps (up to 2 Stage Heat / 1 Stage Cool); gas; oil and electric heating and cooling systems. Also it can be installed to control 2-Wire Hydronic (Hot Water) systems and 3-Wire Zone Valve Hydronic (Hot Water) systems. The only exceptions to the Lux TX9100E compatibility are 2 stage cool pumps and Line Voltage applications.


The TX9100E uses the Lux speed dial system for easy programming. It has a large easy-to-read lighted display that is mercury free. The thermostat allows for total flexibility: it has a 7-day program so you can tailor your heating/cooling needs for every day of the week. And of course within each day you set up 4 different periods for heating/cooling. When you buy the TX9100E it comes pre-programmed with the settings recommended by Energy Star. These settings are guidelines to help you maximize the savings you can make on your energy bills. By following the guidelines suggested by Energy Star you can save as much as 33% on your energy bills. This means the Lux TX9100E 7-Day Programmable Thermostat soon pays for itself.

One added feature the TX9100E has regarding programming is a keyboard lockout system. This is a pass code system with over 10,000 combinations that stops visitors and children from interfering with your programmed settings.

More Features

Holds / Overrides / Vacation Mode

As you would expect from this high quality programmable thermostat it has all the useful hold functions you could need. There is a temporary temperature override button that allows you to change the temperature in the room without having to change your 7-Day programmed schedules. This is a very useful function if you are spending a day off work at home, or you are just feeling a bit cold or hot, or you decide to stay up late. The Lux TX9100E also has a vacation hold which allows you to pause your heating/cooling while you are away on holiday. Again this saves you the trouble having to re-program every time there is a change in your schedule.

Swing Control

This is a key feature that I’ve talked about before in conjunction with Honeywell programmable thermostats. It takes a little bit of experimentation to get the swing control set to suit your particular needs but once you master swing control you will protect your HVAC systems. Swing control allows you to set a range in which the programmable thermostat doesn’t respond to fluctuations in room temperature. For example, if you set the thermostat to 80 degrees and the swing to +/- 1 degree then the TX1900E won’t activate the cooler until the room temperature exceeds 81 degrees and it won’t start the heater until the temperature in the room falls to below 79 degrees. Swing control stops the furnace, air-con etc. continually cycling to maintain an exact temperature in a room. Listening to the heater/cooler continually clicking on and off can be irritating and can cause damage to your heater/cooler and lead to the premature wearing out of parts.

Adaptive Recovery or Smart Recovery

This is a great feature that allows the thermostat to ‘learn’ how long it takes to heat or cool a room. Smart recovery allows the thermostat to turn on the heating or cooling prior to your programmed settings to gradually heat/cool the room so it is the exact temperature you want at the exact time you want. This will save you money because the heating/cooling does not need to start at max to quickly reach the desired room temperature. Slow cooling/heating is more cost effective.


The Lux Products TX9100E 7-Day Universal Programmable Thermostat can be either hardwired into the HVAC system or run from batteries. If you choose to run the thermostat from batteries there is a warning light telling you when the power is low. There is also a warning light telling you when to change the filter. By changing the filters on time you will guarantee your HVAC system is running at its most efficient.

Other Features

The Lux TX9100E is not just for Americans. The temperature can be read in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Also the clock can be set to 12 hour or 24 hour.

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The only real drawback of the Lux TX9100E is that it cannot automatically switch between heating and cooling. This is not normally an issue, but in some temperate zones the spring and fall weather can rise and plunge erratically making it convenient to have a programmable thermostat that can automatically respond with either heater or cooler. With the TX9100E you have to get up and press a button. Another feature that is found in some Honeywells such as the Honeywell VisionPro 8000 is the ability to control the humidity in a room. This feature can help protect your hardwood flooring and furniture. The feature is not present on the Lux TX9100E.


Overall, the Lux Products TX9100E is a great programmable thermostat with all the essential functions you will need to save you money, reduce carbon emissions and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. And it’s under $60.

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